Stop noisy night bell – Austrian appeals to Pope

Wolfgang Lassy 57 years old has written a two-page letter to Pope Francis to stop the cathedral bell near his home ringing during the night and disturbing his rest.

An architect from Upper Austria Lassy claims that he has been seeking for years to put an end to the bell ringing during the night. The bell rings 4 times an hour and at midnight it chimes 28 times. Its peak it is 77 decibels – according to law, in a residential area, noise levels should not exceed 50 decibels, although this doesn’t apply to churches.

Lassy said: “Sleeping is so stressful for me. I often have to take sleeping tablets to get any rest.”

“This noise-machine is a health hazard and should be turned off at night – as is the case for Vienna’s Stephansdom,” he said.

Lassy told that residents are frightened to dispute the church but that he trust many people are on his side. He said that selling his home would be a last resort as it is his “dream house”.