How Harbinger Group (HRG), Turtle Beach (HEAR), Interdigital (IDCC), Aeropostale (ARO) Become Bullish

Harbinger Group Inc. (HRG) Monday sent a letter to the board of directors of Central Garden & Pet Co. (CENT), seeking the potential sale of CENT. In the letter, Harbinger requested the CENT Board to engage in talks regarding a potential sale of all of the equity of CENT or all or a portion of its assets to HRG or one or more of its affiliates.

The price of Harbinger Group Inc (NYSE : HRG), surged +$0.275 (or +2.30%) to $12.215 in intraday trading post fluctuating among $11.92 and $12.37. Market capitalization of Harbinger Group Inc is worth nearly $1.744 billion. The stock’s 52-week range is as $13.25 – $7.33.

Turtle Beach, an audio brand in the video games industry, announced new gaming headsets designed for the popular PlayStation4 console. The new headsets, which will be available in stores in the Fall of 2014, will be on display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 in Los Angeles. Turtle Beach is the gaming audio brand of Turtle Beach Corp.

In last intraday trading, Turtle Beach Corp (NGM : HEAR), stock escalated +2.26%, closing the day at $9.6018, after vacillating among $9.28 and $9.89. Company’s Beta (ß) of investment is 0.91 with $363.4 million market capitalization. Turtle Beach Corp recorded 0.00x return on assets (ROA) and 1.00x current ratio.

InterDigital Inc. (IDCC) announced Tuesday morning that it now expects total revenue for the second quarter to be between $172 million and $210 million, compared to prior outlook of $65 million and $72 million. The company also announced that its patent licensing subsidiaries have entered into a patent license agreement with Samsung Electronics.

InterDigital Inc (NASDAQ : IDCC), escalated +$1.0801 (or +2.30%) in last regular trading to $48.0401, after vacillating among $46.80 and $48.50. InterDigital Inc has $1.943 billion market capitalization. The stock recorded a trading volume of 440344 shares as compared to its average volume of 430505 shares. Wall Street Experts rated it a ‘Hold’ stock.

Aeropostale Inc. (ARO) reported a first quarter adjusted loss of $0.52 per share after the close Thursday, compared to the loss of $0.16 per share last year. The consensus estimate was for a loss of $0.72 per share. The company expects to report a second quarter loss of $0.55 to $0.61 per share.

Aeropostale Inc (NYSE : ARO), Apparel Stores stock ended the day at $3.50, which fostered +$0.08 (or +2.34%) and registered an intraday range of $3.40 and $3.54. At the closing bell, shares in Aeropostale Inc recorded a trading volume of 1175876 shares as compared to its average volume of 4403590 shares. Total market capitalization of company is $274.9 million. Wall Street Experts rated it a ‘Sell’ stock.


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