Freemium Spanish Ticketing Startup Ticketea Lifts Telentrada

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 : Spanish ticketing startup Ticketea has picked up legacy ticket sales service Telentrada from Spanish bank CatalunyaCaixa. Earlier in February, it lifts software development company Telémaco Sistemas.

Ticketea’s revenue model is freemium. It’s free to publish and promote an event, and if tickets are free, using this part of the service is also free. However, Ticketea takes a commission of 10% for every ticket sold.

Ticketea has fierce competition with market leader Ticketmaster for big events, or something like Eventbrite at the DIY ticketing Long Tail. Javier Andres, Co-founder and CEO commented “We try to simplify the way everybody can promote, manage and sell their tickets online.”

The acquisition of Telentrada provides Ticketea access to a significant local customer database. Telentrada currently has 357,000 users and a number of large events to service.

Ticketea will now be able to serve the Teatro Español, all theatres in ADETCA (the Association of Theatre Companies of Catalonia), the Sitges Film Festival, the international classic theatre Festival of Almagro and a number of plays staged in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as tickets for top museums and cultural sites such as Gaudi’s La Pedrera in Barcelona.