Chile Rockódromo Festival 2015 in Valparaíso

The Rockódromo Festival 2015 started yesterday. The festival is the key gathering of popular music in Valparaíso.

Rockódromo festival is the cultural carnivals which held in the port city. The event is managed by the Escuelas de Rock program, which has the aim of promoting communication, decentralization and education of music in the country.

Rockódromo will feature two foreign guests: Usted Señalemelo and Pecho e Fierro from Uruguay.

There will be musical performances at Plaza Soto Mayor, Centex, Aníbal Pinto, Cultural Center Trafón and La Sebastiana, among others. Some of the performances will be by Alvaro López, Weichafe, Sol y Lluvia, Dënver, Ases Falsos, Sinergia, The Ganjas, Tiro de Gracia, Panteras Negras, La Rata Blusera and La Pozze Latina’s Jimmy Fernández.