BSD Medical Rises 3.7% as University of Utah Conducts Liver Tumor Treatment Study Using MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System

Shares of BSD Medical (BSDM) gained 2% in midday trading Wednesday, after the developer and marketer of medical devices to treat cancer announced that the University of Utah School of Medicine has started a clinical liver tumor treatment study using BSDM’s MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System.

The main objective of the study, which involves 20 patients, is to evaluate the size of the ablation zones produced in liver tissue by BSDM’s patented Synchronous Wave Alignment technology developed for MicroThermX.

BSD Medical Corp develops, manufactures, markets and services medical systems that deliver precision-focused radio frequency or microwave energy into diseased sites of the body, heating them to temperatures as required by medical therapies. BSDM shares recently traded at $1.11, up 3.7% relative to Tuesday’s close. The stock trades near the low end of the 52-week spread of $0.95 – $1.78.


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