June 12 Summit between Trump and Kim: Towards the end of an era of confrontation?

Politics, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un
Politics, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un

On June 12, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will meet in Singapore on the occasion of the historic Summit between two protagonists. The two great men have said this news this Saturday following an intervention by South Korean President Moon despite the diplomatic difficulties between Pyongyong and Washington. In addition, opinions differ on the real reason for this summit given the relationship between the two countries. What is certain is that they will end this era of confrontation.

Trump – Kim: the summit of June 12 in Singapore

Good news! The military-political situation between Pyongyong and Washington would seem to have an unexpected turn on the part of the two protagonists. According to informatrions circulating, the two leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are likely to have an opportunity to close the differences between the two great powers at a summit organized very soon. Moreover, this is what the two Heads of State announced this Saturday.

Despite the rumors and the diplomatic difficulty of this meeting, an effective date has already been decided. The “historic” Summit will be held on June 12 in Singapore.

But, how was this summit born? This is a decision from both parties. The North Korean leader exposed his determination after having a discussion with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in last weekend.

For information, the two heads of state of the two korea also found an agreement on the very complicated situation between them last February. This gave a new rapprochement between the two countries. Indeed, Moon has managed to set up this summit to end an endless war between the United States and North Korea bringing together the two great powers. On the other hand, it did not bother the number one North Korean. On the contrary, he resolutely agreed to pick up the pieces with Washington. He still thanked his counterpart in the South on his initiative. He believes that this summit could be the opportunity to end an era of confrontation. And the same goes for the United States.

Pyongyong – Washington: a new era in approach

After months and months of conflict, the United States and North Korea would have a point of agreement for this historic summit that will date from June 12. The ultimate goal of the Singapore summit is to end an era of confrontation.

Moreover, the ideas diverge for the setting up of this summit. According to some opinion, Mr. Moon’s action was bold but risky. Which has borne fruit. Each nation concerned wants to benefit from this historic rapprochement of the two protagonist countries. In fact, US President Donald Trump has given his approval for the realization of this summit. But he also said that the South Korean president is in the interest of protecting his people from war. It is therefore question of waiting until June 12 to learn more about the effectiveness of this summit.


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