Microsoft: the giant Redmond will launch Surface tablets Low Cost soon

Technology, Microsoft, Surface Tablet
Technology, Microsoft, Surface Tablet

Year after year, Microsoft began manufacturing and marketing inexpensive tablets to compete with its Apple counterpart. After several attempts, the giant of Redmond was not appreciated at its fair value. This has led to a decline in sales, particularly in the Surface tablet sector. However, the big American company still wants to retest the experience. But this time he plans to launch Low Cost Surface tablets. The release of this new device is expected before the end of 2018.

Microsoft : launch of a new Surface tablet

This year looks good for Microsoft. The big firm of Redmond would try for the umpteenth time to launch a new Surface tablet at a lower price. Since 2015, cheaper devices have been put on the market of High Tech but, they have not been successful. According to the information circulating, it seems that the new tablet will cost around 400 dollars, or in the 340 euros and will be released in the second half of this year 2018.

This is a new Surface model able to compete with Ipad. In particular, the goal of the firm is to compete with its counterpart Apple. In addition, the vulnerability of Microsoft’s previous Surface tablets is based on its ability to win the hearts of users of the brand. They have always been ahead of the competition. Moreover, the price of Surface tablets is currently around 949 euros to 3099 euros which does not seem to attract buyers. Hence, the decision of the firm to retry a new experience in order to win back the customer.

Microsoft : the features of the new Low Cost Surface Tablet

As the big American firm wants to relaunch the marketing of its Surface tablets at a lower price, it has equipped the new tablet with a powerful enough processor. This is Intel. Very innovative, the next Surface of Microsoft will adopt a look quite different from its predecessors. The design is a little closer to the Apple Ipad with a shape that is both soft and rounded. It has a fairly large screen of 10 inches. Now, Microsoft has left out the old tablet model that had square corners.

A little touch of novelty would also be brought to the Surface including the establishment of a USB-C port. Cherry on the cake! It would be less light, 20% less than usual. Which does not help the autonomy of its battery. The latter will lose 4 hours of autonomy. According to the giant of Redmond, different tablets will be put on sale according to its capacity of storage. Some may have 64 GB of memory and others will have more space, 128 GB or more.

It only remains to wait for the release of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet to be able to test it. It is clear that the latter will be sold at a very affordable price than before.


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