FIFA officials arrested in Zurich on corruption charges

FIFA officials, Zurich, corruption
FIFA officials, Zurich, corruption

Six FIFA officials have been arrested on corruption charges in Zurich.

“six soccer officials were arrested in Zurich today (Wednesday) and detained pending extradition. The US authorities suspect them of having received bribes totaling in the USD millions,” according to the Swiss Federal Office of Justice.

Swiss Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) said in a statement US authorities suspected the officials of receiving $100m worth of bribes since the early 1990s. The crimes were agreed to and prepared in the US via US bank accounts.

Among those arrested “Jeffrey Webb of the Cayman Islands, a vice president of the executive committee; Eugenio Figueredo of Uruguay, who is also an executive committee vice president and until recently was the president of South America’s soccer association; and Jack Warner of Trinidad and Tobago, a former member of the executive committee who has been accused of numerous ethical violations.”


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