Cavaliers vs Warriors NBA Finals Preview

nba playoffs, cavaliers, warriors
nba playoffs, cavaliers, warriors

The match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, which begins Thursday.

LeBron’s chance to lead Cleveland to the city’s first championshi.  LeBron James serves as an equalizer according to some analysts, but the general consensus is that the Cavs have their work cut out for them. eBron’s potential slippage to a 2-4 career record in the NBA Finals.

Cavs have worked hard since the injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to make the games ugly and keep teams from getting into a rhythm. His status has been shrouded in a bit of mystery ever since the conference finals.

Cavaliers star LeBron James and 2015 league MVP Stephen Curry of the Warriors take the court in Oakland for title-starved franchises led by rookie head coaches David Blatt and Steve Kerr. Steph Curry deserved the MVP award this season, but James is still widely regarded as the best player in the NBA.


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